Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At, we aim to please people by offering various computer science,engineering,business stories so that people can have a knowledge, information and experience of their day to day life. However, many people are worried about their privacy when they visit a website like ours. As many incidents of misuse of information are reported across the globe, this worry is quite evident. However, we at ensure that on our website you will just find fun and laughter and your privacy or personal information is under no threat. We ensure that your privacy is not disturbed and no personal information shared with any associated third party.

Policy regarding sharing of information

As you must have noticed that there are some advertisements on our web page and the reason for such advertisements is that they are the source of income for us. To provide you with quality material so that you can relieve the stress after a tiring day, we have to hire writers who provide us with the best quality content. However, the payment for these services is generated by the advertisements on our web page. Therefore the information you provide us directly and the indirect information provided by you such as IP address and preference in products and services browsed for is shared with the businesses who advertise with us.

Benefits of information sharing

Such information sharing is ultimately beneficial for you because it provides you with the information related to more relevant products and services for you. Apart from our business associates and advertising partners, your personal information is not shared with any third party by us. We ensure that no one can misuse the information that you provided to our website because we know that trust of the visitor is the most important thing.

Change in Privacy Policy

If at all we make some changes in our privacy policy, then we will post those changes on our website for your knowledge and information.

Cookie policy

As you all must be aware that, when you visit a website of a business offering various products and services, some cookies are set on your device by those websites. Cookies are nothing but a sort of data file that are introduced to your device by a particular internet site. These cookies allow that site to store the information such as the IP address of the customer, model and other information of the device, etc. At, we also set cookies to your device that can help you serve in a better manner. Based on the frequency of the stories and links searched by you, we try to understand your liking and interests so that we can provide you with similar stories and information.

Third party advertisers

The businesses that advertise with us may also set cookies on your device if you visit their website through our site. These cookies are set by those companies so that they can also offer you better products and services that are useful for you depending on the history of browsing in previous visits. However, as these businesses are only our clients for whom we provide a platform for advertising their products and services, their privacy policy and cookie policy may differ from our policy. Therefore it is prudent that you get the actual information about the same by visiting their sites.

Removal of cookies

Although the cookies are simple data files collecting auxiliary information so that you may be served better, if you don’t want the cookies to remain on your device, then you can remove the cookies by following a simple procedure. The process of removing the cookies can be found on many informative websites such as Google, and you can follow the simple instruction to delete the cookies that are set on your device by various websites.

Google Adsense and the DoubleClick DART Cookie

In parallel from us ‘Google’ as a third-party advertisement vendor, uses cookies to give ads on this site. The use of DART cookies allows Google to provide ads to you which will be based on your visit on, its services and any other website on Internet among Google services.

If you still feel like you want to discontinue of the DART cookies you may visit the Google ad network privacy policy at the following url Tracking of your DART cookie is Google’s own privacy policy and we don’t own any authority over it.